We are a full-service agency with the ability to create smart, creative, high-impact communication and education campaigns that will prompt and sustain behavioural change.

Our clients are some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

If you’re looking for a partner to define or refine your medical communication strategy, or to give your next educational activity the edge, we are ready to help.

Inspiring change

What are you looking for in an agency partner? A team who will do what they’re asked and stop there?

Or are you looking for a strategic partner? An agency that understands the needs of medical affairs teams and the environment in which they operate. An agency with deep experience of developing successful medical communications strategies. One that is not afraid to try something new. One that will exceed your expectations.

The best strategies can inspire change. With Remedica, you’ll have a partner that’s absolutely committed to helping you make this happen.


Illuminating the science

To create an effective communication campaign or learning experience, you need a partner who knows your therapy area, your data, your KOLs, your product and your positioning. And who can use all of this to craft a sparkling narrative for your target audience.

At Remedica, we have a team of BScs, PhDs, BPharms and MDs with a rich understanding of the science who are experts in crafting content that engages and informs.

Delivering excellence

Whether you’re looking to implement a live event programme of satellite symposia and stand-alones, or a digital strategy featuring self-directed learning programmes, a multi-channel campaign or materials for your MSLs, our versatile creative and digital experts build tools that deliver. Every time.