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 Enhance your understanding

Prepare your team with powerful solutions

We have the skills to create a variety of educational resources to inform, motivate and inspire your teams in the run up to product launch and beyond. 

Attract in-house attention 

Don't be shy to show off. Showcasing the work delivered by Medical Affairs Teams keeps your colleagues in the loop. Our solutions raise in-house awareness while providing easy access to available resources to promote sharing of best practice.

Healthcare professional reviewing scientific information digitally - eHealth

Curation of internal curriculum and training content: 

  • Power Point decks (PPT), eLearning, videos, interactive PDF, knowledge checks and quizzes 
  • Internal communications campaign and materials — HTML emails, newsletters, social media, lunch and learn MIAB 
  • Hub development to host internal content — track metrics and completion of training
  • Interactive and engaging internal launch and training meetings — role play, gamification, presentation, workshops, brainstorms  


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