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Balancing Between Science, Creativity and Career Growth

Kayleigh Day

Kayleigh Day 18 September 2019

Balancing Between Science, Creativity and Career Growth

My professional career started in research.

Following my PhD and post-doc in cognitive neuroscience, although I enjoyed the work and the analytical thinking it required, the limited career progression and the lack of stability led me to look to other avenues.

Knowing I would not be happy to leave science behind due to my continual need to learn and understand new and exciting medical developments, my career search lead me to the role of a Medical Writer.

Medical communications is a fantastic industry, offering a mix of science, creativity and business in the everyday work, as well as excellent career progression opportunities. Providing consultation to the pharmaceutical industry does not come without challenges, mostly due to the fast-paced nature of the business and the strict regulations encompassing the industry; however,

helping raise awareness of new medications through medical education and communication is extremely rewarding.

Since starting as Medical Writer here at Remedica, I have contributed to a wide range of projects, from medical education and patient communication materials, to new business proposals and strategic communication projects. My days are never the same and I love it. Still relatively new to the industry, my colleagues are always happy to help educate me on new areas, but also actively seeking my support in topics in which I have prior experience, making me feel incredibly valued within the team. It is fantastic to work in a medical communications agency that actively encourages exposure to different types of projects, provides flexibility and instills this level of confidence in their employees.

If you are considering a role in medical communications, my advice would be to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you enjoy scientific writing and have good attention to detail?
  • Are you good at understanding new concepts quickly?
  • Do you like reading scientific literature and want a role at the forefront of medical science?

If you answer yes to the above, a position as a healthcare writer could be your future career.